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We are BOOKED through August 1st, 2024!

Please get in touch with us if you would like to schedule for the summer and we will try and accommodate to get you in! jen@originartskc.org 

Stay tuned for announcements, events & workshops!

Interested in joining OAKC's Colorful Purpose Squad? 

Contact jen@originartskc.org for Volunteer Opportunities to help color KC with Kindness!

Click here for free printable coloring pages!

Mission | OAKC

OriginArts KC is committed to fostering socially engaging artworks in various forms within local communities. We proudly support Kansas and Missouri by providing creative opportunities, art supplies, resources, and education while promoting kindness and inclusion. OAKC, believes art should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, skill level, socioeconomic status, or geographical location. We firmly believe there are no boundaries when we allow ourselves to experience the influential spark kindness generates from valuing connections deeply rooted in the community. 
Art has the incredible ability to bring people together and ignite hope. It serves as a foundation for enriching the lives of those willing to explore it. The ethos of OAKC, at inception, of our own origin story has always been dedicated to making art accessible to all individuals, regardless of any barriers life brings. OAKC strives to create an inclusive environment through donated murals, workshops, programs, events, and artwork. We are here for those who share an imaginative curiosity, a profound desire to nurture individual expression, and hope to positively contribute to the thriving art culture in Kansas City. OAKC firmly upholds the belief art has the power to spark change and bridge the gap between economic, racial, and social divisions. Through art, we increase inclusivity and change perspectives through color. Let's color KC with colorful purpose.